Small town of Rockport devastated by Hurricane Harvey

Small town of Rockport devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
Among them sits Rockport, with a population of about 8,700, located about 30 miles Northeast of Corpus Christi along the Gulf Coast.
Rockport residents took a beating when the then Category 4 Hurricane Harvey barreled through on Friday night.
What remains now is just a shadow of what was there last week.
Residents throughout the community are starting to return home.
It’s unclear when power will be fully restored but it could be measured in days and weeks not hours.
One resident died when the mobile home they were sheltering in caught fire after Harvey’s landfall.
For now, residents are doing the best they can to get by, one day at a time.
There’s, I want to say, 90 percent of Rockport homes have been lost.
I mean, people lost everything, no clothes, nothin’ to salvage most of the time.

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