Smithers water disinfetion begins today

The boil water advisory continues for Smithers as disinfection of the water distribution system begins 11 days after the advisory was first put into place.
Last Friday it was announced the notice would continue as water samples came back again testing positive for the bacteria coliform.
The Town of Smithers stated a “substantial” disinfection of the two reservoirs and the water distribution system will take place.
Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth and food preparation.
Bachrach stated since he’s lived in Smithers, this is the first boil water notice for the town.
Mayor Bachrach believes communication about the notice could have been better.
While the new school year has just got under way, the schools are open and “there’s no safety issue” the school district stated.
Since the notice has entered week two for the schools, they are bringing in alternative options for drinking water for staff and students.
Restaurants too are feeling the effects of the boil water advisory, with some even closing down when the notice was issued.
“This is stressful and costly for everybody in the restaurant business and we appreciate people’s patience, and we certainly understand the situation this puts them in,” Bachrach stated.

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