Soak pits to address drinking water problem in villages

Soak pits to address drinking water problem in villages.
Mahbubnagar: Thanks to the foresight of the district administration and interest shown by the people, especially in the rural areas, who took part in digging the soak pits pits and ground water re-charge trenches, across the district last year.
These trenches have been reaping fruits as they help to solve the drinking water problems during this hot summer.
“Last year , we faced drinking water scarcity problem severely as most of the bore wells in our village dried up.
The situation this year has improved as we had built soak pits at every house hold in our village.
We don’t have water problem this year.
All credit goes to the government officials who have created awareness and helped in the construction of soak pits ,” says Balashivudu of Baswaipally village of Devarkadra mandal in Mahbubnagar district.
Soak pits programme initiated with the support of State Government and the district administration have helped in the recharging of ground water tables in the villages,” said Laxma, Deputy Director of Geology and ground water resources in Mahbubnagar.
All this is possible only because of the soak pit programme which has made every drop count.
Among the successful villages which have constructed 100 percent soak pits in the district include Baswaipally in Devarkadra mandal where almost all the 300 households have constructed soak pits.

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