Solar-Powered Device Which Can Draw Water out of Air in Desserts

Many people across the world die every year due to lack of water in drought-affected areas.
We often heard stories that the water shortage could be one of the major reason of the world war.
But in the near future, you might not face such problems.
MIT Technology has built a device that can produce water from the dry air.
Using this material, MIT has created a water harvester that utilizes only solar power to pull water from the dry air.
Reportedly this can draw three liters of water from the dry air with low humidity (20 to 30%) in just 12 hours.
Senior author of the paper, Omar Yaghi said that this is a great invention to overcome the long-term problem, to draw water from the dry air.
Before this, we have no other way, except by using extra energy.
These metals with organic particles create a hard but porous design that can hold liquids and gasses.
But this new water harvester uses the MOF designed by Yaghi and his team in 2014 at UC Berkley.

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