Support has been “incredible”: Quaiff

Support has been “incredible”: Quaiff.
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY – Residents here who use the Picton/Bloomfield drinking water system continue to be encouraged to boil their water before using it.
A cautionary boil water advisory implemented earlier this week remains and place and is expected to for a number of days while officials continue to grapple with water issues after a barge became partially submerged in Picton Bay late last week.
While no contaminants have entered the drinking water system the advisory was issued earlier this week as a precautionary measure and the water filtration plant has been shut down in the interim.
During Friday’s meeting Mayor Robert Quaiff spoke to the support the municipality has received not only from neighbouring municipalities but from higher levels of government, as well.
As well, he said, residents’ conservation efforts have helped in maintaining a steady level at the reservoirs.
“I’m confident we’re moving in the right direction.” County public works commissioner Robert McAuley stressed none of the contaminants entered the drinking water system and the municipality is starting to formulate a plan on when to re-establish the distribution system, but warned it is “still days away though.” In the interim, Quaiff noted the municipality specifically asked the canadian Coast Guard to restrict any vessel traffic in the area.
As a part of this, aggregate shipping from the Picton Terminals has been stopped.
The mayor said the municipality requested the shipping stop and “there was no hesitation on Picton Terminals’ part.
We’re very thankful for that.”

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