Tamil Nadu: No more cry for water; TWAD to supply water daily to BDU, AU, and IIM

TIRUCHY: Students and faculties, staying in hostels and quarters of higher education institutions in Mathur, need not worry about water scarcity problem this summer as Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) is making arrangements to bring water from Mukkombu to these campuses through new pipelines.
The management of Bharathidasan University, Anna University and Indian Institute of Management have allotted special funds to lay pipelines from Mukkombu.
The TWAD has laid these pipelines to the three campuses, where the water will be supplied through a combined scheme.
Explaining the project, a senior official with TWAD said, “A water supply channel has been borrowed from the Combined Water Supply Scheme (CWSS) that runs to 1,766 habitats to Pudukkottai district.
The three institutes situated in one zone in Mathur on the city outskirts often face water shortage issue during every summer.
With the unprecedented drought for the past couple of years, the majority of the wells, borewells, canals and water bodies went dry in the region.
BDU Vice-Chancellor P Manisakar told Express, “Our engineers are working on the pipelines, sealing leakages, changing taps to save the excess usage of the water.
The water from TWAD will purvey to all our needs, mainly in students’ hostel.” BDU has 22 borewells, eight wells and three water bodies that have been dried out for the past years.
However, sources in the university claim that the water will not be enough to quench the thirst.
Instead, some of the officials are conducting various studies inside the campus on how to reuse the wastewater for commercial purposes.

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