Tanzania: 3 Villages to Benefit From Water Project

Tanzania: 3 Villages to Benefit From Water Project.
Babati — Three villages in Babati District, Manyara Region, will finally be relieved of water scarcity under a multi-billion shilling water supply projects to be implemented by the district council.
These are Malangi village where some Sh649 million has been budgeted, Imbilili (Sh487 million) and Haraa in which some Sh594 million will be spent to supply water to the villagers.
This was announced here by the chairman of the council Mohamed Kibiki who said contractors for the three projects have been picked and that they would ensure they are implemented without any delay.
"We will revoke any contract if we are not satisfied with the implementation," he said, adding that civil works have to start immediately because the funds have been allocated.
According to him, all the three projects are expected to be completed in the next six months, relieving the villagers of water scarcity at the height of the dry season later in the year.
Elias Bura from Malangi village said it would be a great relief to be supplied with the precious liquid because they had been subjected to empty promises by the district administrators for many years.

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