Tatamagouche residents under boil water advisory

originally posted on August 30, 2016


TATAMAGOUCHE – Residents under the water system in Tatamagouche are under a boil water advisory until further notice.

Anyone using water for any sort of consumption should boil their water for at least one minute prior to using it.

Michelle Newell, director of public works for Colchester County, said it would be anyone who would be using the water to brush their teeth, cook, make juices or drinking.

“Because the water pressure dropped so low, the Department of Environment recommends the boil water advisory as a precautionary measure,” she said.

The advisory has come about because of a water main break at the construction site of the new school.

Newell said the advisory will remain in place until clean samples are returned, which could be within the next day-and-a-half.

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