Tests trigger boil-water advisory, precautions, for large Manitoba community

— The presence of coliform bacteria has prompted the Manitoba government to issue a boil-water advisory for the city of Dauphin.
The province says the advisory comes after tests this week showed the bacteria was in the community’s treated water supply.
It says residents should boil tap water before drinking it, using it to prepare such things as baby formula, or washing fruits and vegetables.
Boiling is not required prior to washing dishes or doing the laundry, but officials recommend young children be given sponge baths to prevent them from swallowing the water.
Certain precautions must also be followed by restaurants, health-care facilities, daycares, personal care homes and other private facilities that provide food and water services.
The advisory will remain in effect until the water is no longer considered a risk to the city’s 8,500 people.
(CKDM, The Canadian Press)

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