The Bad News? The World Will Begin Running Out of Water By 2050. The Good News? It’s Not 2050 Yet

He warned the group that by 2050, we won’t have enough fresh water for the people who need it.
The UN, and other global organizations, have been warning us of water shortages by 2050 for years — if not decades.
Among other statements, then-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon warned of water shortages in 2050 and the risk of conflict in November 2016.
In 2010, the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) called for lowering consumption of meat and dairy to protect future water reserves, stating that the population of nine billion people expected in 2050 cannot eat the way we do now and have enough water for everyone.
A full 16 years ago, in 2001, the UN Population Fund warned that the world will begin to run out of fresh water by 2050, and UNFPA’s World Population Report from 1992 also warns of water shortages by 2050.
Water shortages bring health risks beyond the danger of violent conflict over water resources.
In addition to conflict and hunger, water shortages bring disease.
Fairer, more equitable cooperation between countries would reduce the number of people in poor countries left without access to clean water.
This makes more of our existing water supplies available for human use like bathing and drinking.
It’s a rare global health problem that has an obvious individual response, but global water scarcity is one of them.

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