The unbearable lightness of water

(Anyone against Kalabagh dam, I say is a traitor!
In it, we talk about water conflict from the inter-provincial, to local water course level, to floods, to domestic water supply and conflict between fisher communities and agriculturists.
As a water researcher, everyone I met in Pakistan would like to know if I am for or against the Kalabagh dam.
As an irrigation official in Sindh said, ‘They talk about Kalabagh dam in Punjab, baba there is a Kalabagh dam on every water course here in Sindh.’ He was being too charitable.
There is a Kalabagh dam on every water course in the country.
The geography of water access in Pakistan is not physical, but of power.
The only problem is that the systemic scarcity, physically and legally built into the system, is outdated.
How will a dam or two address that issue—no one wants to talk about.
The Sindh is argue that if such projects are being done for their own benefit, why are there two major canal projects designed around Kalabagh for central Punjab and southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)?
What is the value of water?

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