This is how villagers in Telangana risk their lives to get water

This is how villagers in Telangana risk their lives to get water.
Water scarcity problem has become so acute in Telangana that villagers have to risk their lives every day, just to get a pot of water.
What is even more worrying is that the peak of summer months is yet to arrive.
Certain districts in Telangana such as Chandraghad in Mahabubnagar are facing such severe shortage of water that people are tying ropes to nearby trees and then lowering themselves into deep wells with the help of the rope.
A small slip can send them hurtling down to the bottom of these wells, which is an everyday risk that these people endure to get a pot of water.
Reports have shown that only 14 out of 67 municipalities are getting regular supply of water.
Rest everywhere else, the water supply is either on alternate days or even once in every3-4 days.
The situation is likely to worsen for the people of Telangana, as the weather department has predicted an extremely hot summer.
While political leaders have provided assurances at regular intervals, local people claim that no concrete action has been taken.
Even the children are unable to attend school due to water scarcity.

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