This young boy’s startup helps farmers cope with water scarcity in Rajasthan

Consequently, in 2014, he launched ‘Eco-Friendly Water Retention Polymer’ with an aim to resolve water scarcity crisis.
This young boy while telling more about his startup said, “We made the product out of bio-wastes that not only prevents from soil and water pollution, but also gives high nutrition to the crops after slowly disintegrating in the soil.
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The Eco-Friendly Water Retention Polymer is actually made from natural bio-waste extracts that have water absorption properties, which makes it perfect for use in such water-scarce regions.
The young boy further explained that it took around 30 days to process the raw material into the final product.
He added “We charge an average of Rs 120/kg for nurseries and other areas that need water management.
At present, the startup is supplying its product to farmers, nurseries, vertical agriculturists and horticulturists in Udaipur and Rajsamand village.
Currently, Narayan is studying at College of Technology and Engineering in Udaipur, where he met the other two members of his startup.
Rajasthan government after seeing value in the product has invested Rs 1 crore in the startup, which the company will be using to set up machinery for mass production.
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