Time to meet the scarcity

Time to meet the scarcity.
It looks like the need of the hour is now.
It’s not summer yet but water scarcity has started to make its presence felt.
Melvin Fernandes, a quality auditor, says, “Around a month ago, we stopped getting water in the morning.
The residents were informed that the motor needs repair.
We found out later that the borewell had dried up and the owners were taking the help of private tankers to provide water to the residents.” He says that the water supply has been regulated to avoid wastage.
Similar to his situation is that of Ritu Kurtakoti, a content writer.
“Water is one of the basic necessities and knowing that we don’t have access to that is disheartening.
We have about two borewells in the apartment but they are slowly drying up.
I come back home late and when there is no water, it becomes a little difficult.

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