Two boil water advisories issued by AHS in southern Alberta

VILLAGE OF BARONS – Alberta Health Services has issued two boil water advisories over the last several days, including one for a popular park and campground, and one for the Village of Barons.
According to AHS, a potable water line leak has resulted in the depressurization of the entire Village’s water distribution system, affecting close to 350 people.
The Village has been ordered to repair the water line leak, flush the distribution system, ensure water treatment parameters are brought back to acceptable levels as required by Alberta Environment and Parks, and must ensure two sets of bacteriological water samples submitted 24 hours apart, are sent to the Provincial Lab of Public Health for analysis.
The other boil water advisory affects Golden Sheaf Park, about half an hour southeast of Medicine Hat, where the levels of E. Coli exceeds safe margins, according to an Executive Order.
According to AHS, water being produced at the park, supplied to and intended for consumption by the visitors of the park is not potable.
Those using the water at the park are being directed to bring it to a rapid rolling boil and to boil it for one minute, before using it for drinking, making baby formula, brushing teeth or washing raw foods.
In addition, the water distribution system needs to be flushed, and six bacteriological water samples from various locations in the park must be submitted to the Provincial Laboratory of Public Health for analysis.

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