UPDATE: Boil water advisory for area around Martintown Rd in Edgefield Co repealed


UPDATE: The boil water advisory for an area around Martintown Road in Edgefield County has been repealed.

According to Edgefield County Water and Sewer Authority, an analysis of water samples indicates that the water system is safe for drinking and cooking.

by J. Bryan Randall, originally posted on January 03, 2017


ORIGINAL STORY: A boil water advisory has been issued for an area off Martintown Road in Edgefield County.

The affected areas include Martintown Rd from Murrah Road to Briggs Road, Briggs Road from Martintown to Briggs Haven Trailer Park, Woodlawn Road, Summerlake Subdivision, Cannon Mill Subdivision, Smokeridge Drive, Smokey Circle, Cherry Tree Drive, Currytown Road from Martintown Road to Plantation Point, Riverhills Subdivision, Springhaven Road from Martintown Road to Hidden Hills Circle and all of the Delaughter Drive area.

The advisory comes after a line break on Martintown Road caused a loss of pressure in the water system. There is no confirmed contamination, but due to the loss in pressure, a potential for contamination exists. And so the boil water advisory was issued out of an abundance of caution. Water should be boiled for a full minute before drinking or cooking with. Ice made from this water should not be used.



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