Update: Second water main break affects Stony Plain

by Clare Clancy, originally posted on August 19, 2016


Stony Plain residents were left with just dribbles of water for about an hour Saturday evening after a second water main break depressurized the town’s water supply.

The first water main break Friday led Alberta Health Services to issue a precautionary boil-water advisory, which remains in place.

The town’s water crews were able to restore water pressure to most of the town about an hour after the break by turning off valve.

Roughly 10 houses in the vicinity of the broken pipe at 44 Ave. and Aberdeen Way were not expected to have water restored until late Saturday night after the pipe was replaced.

Residents and businesses were being asked to bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before drinking it or using it to brush teeth, clean raw foods, make ice or prepare infant formula.

The advisory doesn’t apply to water for bathing or washing clothes.

The advisory is expected to end at noon Monday.

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