Valpoi PWD to step up efforts against theft of potable water

The PWD water supply authority has decided to step up its efforts against water theft and excessive water use in Valpoi and surrounding areas.
In this regard, the official of PWD-Valpoi has decided to revive its anti-water theft squad to keep a tab on theft of potable water.
The move comes in the wake of ‘The Navhind Times’ report highlighting unavailability of water in remote villages of Valpoi.
A PWD official confirmed about the unavailability of water in remote areas of Valpoi and it was stated that during an inspection, several instances of meter tampering came to the fore.
After a discussion, the PWD will be forming a squad which will keep a check on water theft cases, it was informed.
Meanwhile, this reporter was informed that in Thane village due to ongoing work of laying new pipelines the water supply was less from Dabos plant, but not below permissible level.
According to PWD records, 13000 consumers, including household, commercial and construction, use per day nearly 20 MLD water in allotted jurisdiction.
We have found that few consumers are misusing the water by way of tampering, which is affecting the flow of water in this region,” said one of the officials of Valpoi PWD water supply.
However, the PWD believes that the drive will be successful only with public participation.
Meanwhile, it is also observed that many leakages do exist to the pipelines and these are needed to be plugged to avoid wastage of water.

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