Verbatim: City issues boil-water advisory

The city of Fort Wayne issued this news release this afternoon: Fort Wayne – As many of you are aware there was a power outage/surge at the American Electric Power/I&M substation near Lawton Park.
Immediately after the outage the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant generators kicked-in, as they are designed to do, and the plant was operating at full capacity within a matter of minutes.
As a result of pressure loss we contacted the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and together we have decided to issue a precautionary boil water advisory for a portion of the community.
The boil advisory is in effect until further notice for a portion of the City bounded by Washington Center Road in the north, a portion of Maplecrest and Meyer Road in the east, the Hillagas Road and St. Marys River in the west and Tillman Road in the south.
Any water to be used for cooking or drinking should be brought to a rolling boil for five minutes then cooled before it is used for consumption.
During the boil water advisory, City Utilities water customers should use bottled water or boil any water to be used for drinking, food preparation, making ice and brushing teeth.
Then it can be cooled and used for consumption.
The water is safe to use for bathing and other uses that do not involve consumption.
City Utilities customers are asked to share information about the boil water advisory with friends, neighbors and other customers of City Utilities who may not receive information from the media or other sources.
The 311 call center will have extended its hours until 7:30 p.m. tonight.

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