Vijayapura administration steps up measures to tackle water scarcity

Vijayapura administration steps up measures to tackle water scarcity.
The district administration has made several arrangements for supplying water to the residents and fodder to the cattle.
These borewells have come in handy in solving the problem of water scarcity,” an official told The Hindu .
The official said that the owners are paid Rs.
500 per day for collecting water from their borewells as per a government order.
Already, 54 villages are getting water through 174 tankers making 512 trips each day, the official said, adding that 85 more villages will join this list in April and 65 in May.
He said that the officials of the Revenue Department have identified these villages based on the availability of water and possible scarcity they could face when the summer intensifies.
“We are prepared to supply water to 396 villages till the end of summer,” he said.
With regard to fodder, he said that five fodder banks have been set up in the district where 1.59 tonnes of fodder has been stored.
Besides this, fodder kits have been distributed to farmers to cultivate fodder, he said, adding that fresh fodder would be available in May as the farmers have already sown the seeds.

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