Waldo community under boil water advisory

originally posted on December 27, 2016


WALDO, Fla — A community in Alachua County is currently under a boil water notice for at least two days.

Lake Alto Estates, a close-knit community of around 75 homes off County Road 1471 in Waldo, lost their power for about five hours Monday afternoon. The power outtage caused a drop in water pressure. The community has its own water system, and without a back-up generator, a boil water notice was issued.

“When the system gets down below a certain number, then the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires we notify all the residents of a precautionary boiling water,” said James Williams, President of Lake Alto Estates’ water association.

One sampling was sent to the DEP Tuesday afternoon, and another will be sent Wednesday. If results are clean, the boil notice will be lifted.

“This is the second one in the last few years,” said Imogen Sullivan, a resident of the community for more than 40 years. She isn’t concerned about the notice, because she said she keeps drinking water in her refrigerator.

Williams said he’s working on getting a back-up generator for the community. They’ve never had one, because he’s said the generators are too expensive.

“I’ve had three vendors here to look at the system, and look at what we need to do and supposedly gathering estimates now,” Williams said.

The notice will remain in effect at least for the next two days.

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