Water boil advisory for locations along Erie Street downtown

by Heather Pollauf, originally posted on June 20, 2016


Repairs were made to the city’s water distribution system, and now must be tested and cleared by the city, which could last several days.

City administrators say that once water service has been turned back on, the water will need to be tested and cleared for use.

Therefore, unless otherwise reported, the city says that the boil advisory will expire Friday, June 24th and 5:00PM.

During the Boil Advisory, customers should bring all water for personal consumption to a boil, let it boil for at least three minutes, then let it cool. This will ensure that water is safe for drinking, ice making, brushing teeth, washing dishes and all food preparation.

The city says that the water may be used without boiling for washing clothes and flushing toilets. It may also be used for bathing if you do not have any lesions or open surgical incisions.

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