Water boil advisory lifted in Portland

Water boil advisory lifted in Portland.
The City of Portland has lifted its Water Boil Notice as of Wednesday.
The city had been under a boil order since August 26 due to issues caused by Hurricane Harvey.
The San Patricio Municipal Water District, which serves the city, issued a boil notice on Aug. 26 due to low pressure in their lines caused by Hurricane Harvey.
As of Wednesday, that boil notice has officially been lifted.
All areas of Portland will no longer be required to boil water prior to use.
While Portland has lifted its notice, this does not mean that all cities served by the Municipal Water District have been lifted.
The boil order for Portland was required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as a result of conditions in the public water system caused by the storm.
Orders like this are routinely required whenever issues like these arise.
Portland officials advised that their public water system has taken all necessary corrective actions to restore the quality of water distributed by its systems to be used for drinking and consumption.

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