Water bowls to quench thirst of birds

Water bowls to quench thirst of birds.
Open Adilabad: In order to bring respite to birds from the scorching sun, members of Arya Vysya Officials and Professionals Association (AVOPA) distributed 500 clay bowls to public to ensure drinking water to avian species free of cost, at Gandhi Park in Adilabad on Sunday.
About 200 members of the organisation took part in the event.
AVOPA district president Praveen Mahajan told ‘Telangana Today’ that birds are struggling to live due to water scarcity following blistering heat wave conditions and lack of care and concern of humans.
By distributing bowls, we wanted the public to make sure the birds get drinking water.
Everyone must provide water to birds using the bowls provided to help the avian community tackle the crisis, he pleaded.
“Everybody should share photos of watering birds by spending Rs 20 for purchasing the bowls instead of sharing messages and photos of the cause.
The environment is protected if we protect the avian community.
Ultimately, it leads to maintaining a balance in the food chain of ecology.
People should actively take part in this movement,” he explained.

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