Water crisis highlights larger challenge

The most obvious impact will be that the effect on the price of water.
If government wants to build the new water infrastructure we so desperately need, it will first have to find the funds.
For property owners, this will add complexity to their relationship with their tenants.
Buyers are reticent about the future of Cape Town as the threat of queuing for water looms large, opting for more water secure coastal towns instead.
We are pleased to see some of the more forward thinking developers now placing a lot of attention on sustainability initiatives in new builds.
Lenders want to see that everything possible has been done to ensure new developments are not at the mercy of municipal services.
This means making the development as marketable as possible.
An increasingly ecologically sensitive customer, as well as lenders which are looking for economically stable investments, means property professionals can no longer ignore the environmental impact of their development.
This will only increase as climate change takes its toll.
It makes sense to begin planning for these changes now, and finding an investment partner who can help you do that.

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