Water crisis in city set to deepen

The Irrigation Department has closed the canal till December 7, due to which the Water Supply Department has cut the daily supply to the city by 50 per cent.
As much as 10.5 million gallons of water is supplied to the city every day.
However, these days, only 5.5-6 million gallons water is being supplied.
With a majority of areas getting rationed supply, people are being forced to get up early to collect water that trickles down from the taps.
Owing to the low supply, the pressure on the underground water is also increasing.
The situation would worsen in the coming days when the amount of stored water being supplied to the residents these days would decrease.
VB Shivangi, DGM of Triveni Company, said “Water supply has been cut due to Sirhind Canal closure and at present, we are supplying 5.5 to 6 million gallons water in the city”.
It is pertinent to mention that councillors of various areas have been flooded with complaints of poor water supply.
The inadequate supply has forced residents to rely on underground water as many residents in these areas have installed motors to pump out underground water, which is unfit for consumption.
Notably, the district is well-known for its contaminated underground water.

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