Water, hygiene woes on Shatabdi Express

The Pune-Secunderabad Shatabdi Express train was supposed to offer the latest in passenger comforts.
But a recent journey on the train and interviews of passengers uncovered numerous complaints regarding quality of food, dirty headrests, smudgy windows, snack trays that don’t fold and worst, scarcity of water in the train’s toilets.
"There have been complaints of water scarcity in most of the train’s coaches.
"Water for passengers is filled at Pune and Secunderabad railway stations.
Regulars say they would love to use the Shatabdi more if services are improved.
"I boarded the train at Secunderabad, but no water was available in the washroom until the train reached Pune.
"There is no system that can refill water in the storage tanks at railway stations in Vijayawada, Wadi, Gulbarga or Solapur.
Incredibly, he later received an SMS saying his complaint did not concern South Central Railway.
But I will look into the water scarcity complaints.
Damaged foot rests, snack tables and windows will be repaired too."

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