Water pangs to turn up heat in Nalgonda

Water pangs to turn up heat in Nalgonda.
Open Nalgonda: Depleting groundwater table in majority of the mandals which may lead to drinking water scarcity in the district this summer is a major concern.
Out of 31 mandals in Nalgonda district, the groundwater table has depleted in 20 mandals, more than that of last year March, which marks the beginning of summer season.
In March 2016, groundwater was available at just a little below 34.8 feet.
This declined to 36.9 feet in March this year registering the sharpest fall in groundwater table.
Devarakonda division is likely to face the worst situation as the average groundwater level is at 43.8 feet, which has fallen 5.4 feet compared to earlier year.
Chandampet and Chinthapally mandals witnessed 19.2 feet and 27.7 feet decline in groundwater level respectively.
Miryalaguda division recorded the average depth of groundwater level at 26.6 feet in March 2017 as against 23.9 feet in March 2016, which was 2.8 metres drop in water table.
But, the groundwater level in Nalgonda division is quite high compared to March last year.
The average depth of water level has been reported at 37.4 feet in March 2017, which is 2.8 feet up than the previous year.

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