Water restored to nearly all residents around Jellico, boil advisory continues

The utility group said the boil advisory will continue until further notice, and it is still working to get water restored to remaining customers outside the city limits in the Elk Valley community.
Once water is fully restored to all customers, it said it will flush the lines to get rid of any sediment and it will lift the boil advisory after.
UPDATE (February 18 at 7:45 p.m.) Joe Carroll with the Jellico Electric and Water System says water has been restored to about 1,200 of the 1,700 customers in the city of Jellico Sunday evening.
The one last tank at the Jellico Electric and Water System is still being filled and will be the last to provide water to the rest of its service area.
Employees with Jellico Electric and Water System have been working around the clock to help restore water to all customers.
Carroll says crews from the electric companies and other utilities assisted the employees, working more than 18, with breaks.
Water should be restored to residents in the next two to three hours as the three other tanks get filled with water.
General Manager of Jellico Electric and Water System Joe Carroll expects the boil advisory to be lifted on Monday morning.
The Jellico Electric and Water System says customers are currently without drinkable water and a boil advisory is in place.
Muncy said the county is hopeful to have the water system itself working in the next six hours.

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