Water saving Garden in a Box keeps vegetable gardens going

Water saving Garden in a Box keeps vegetable gardens going.
Food Lover’s Market has partnered with Reel Gardening on a product range that still allows for gardening while saving 80% of water during the germinations phase – this in a time when South Africa is facing increasing water scarcity.
The Reel Gardening “Garden in a Box” is an organically fertilised, biodegradable and colour-coded paper strip that makes gardening easy for everyone.
The paper strip contains organic fertiliser and seeds ranging from seasonal vegetables to herbs.
The strip indicates the correct depth and distance to plant the seeds, keeps the seeds hydrated and prevents birds from eating it.
The Garden in a Box was designed to make gardening fun and easy and offers a free downloadable planting app that gives guidance on what to do each day, depending on what was planted.
The box contains a sim card, that if used in conjunction with the app, will automatically load free data to the value of R80 over each 90-day growing period.
Each box will contain five different vegetables or herbs that include companion flowers to plant.
The content of the boxes will plant out two square meters and produce roughly 40 servings of vegetables or herbs.
Reel Gardening’s Garden in a Box is exclusively available at Food Lover’s Market stores nationwide at R 79.99.

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