Water scarcity; A threat

The water requirements of a large portion of the county’s agricultural land are fulfilled by Indus river system.
According to IMF, Pakistan is the third most water-stressed country in the world.
The drastic changes in the country’s hydel power, which is 30 percent of the total production, can exacerbate the situation of complicated power shortfall.
The agriculture sector, which consumes 12 percent of the national power, can further be troubled by this shortfall.
Among the major reasons, which contribute to the growing water scarcity in Pakistan, is the lack of sufficient storage structures.
Unfortunately, In Pakistan, no major dam has been constructed since 1970s.
These projects have not only affected the water availability for agriculture but have also interfered with the power production of Pakistan.
It has been reported that Kishanganga project will decrease the power production of the under construction Neelam-Jehlam hydro power project by 9 percent.
The farmers in Pakistan mostly apply old and conventional irrigation methods which not only results in water wastage but also in increased growth of weeds and pests.
It has been estimated that about 75 percent of the annual rainwater is lost to floods during the three months of monsoon rains.

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