Water scarcity to worsen in Yellandu

Water scarcity to worsen in Yellandu.
Drinking water scarcity triggered by drastic depletion of ground water resources and water level in Yellandulapadu tank in this coal town may take a turn for the worse if the wastage of water through leakages in the pipeline network were not plugged in a mission mode.
The coal town is already beset with drinking water shortage due to the huge gap between the demand and supply of water.
The poor maintenance of the water distribution system has aggravated the drinking water scarcity in the town having a population of around 50,000.
The drinking water needs of the denizens of the coal town are being met mainly from the borewells dug at Kotilingala old well on Mahabubabad road, Yellandulapadu tank and the treated mine water from the Singareni Collieries Company Limited’s 21 Incline underground coal mine.
Leakage of drinking water from the more than two decades old obsolete pipelines at Jagadamba Centre and elsewhere in the town is resulting in wastage of precious water in the midst of peak summer, deplored Sarangapani of Station Basti locality.
Judicious utilisation of the available water resources holds the key to tide over the present water scarcity.
The damaged pipelines should be immediately replaced to improve the distribution system, he suggested.
Funds allocated The State government has allocated ₹5.25 crore to upgrade the pipeline network and improve the drinking water distribution system, Yellandu Municipality vice-chairman Basa Srinivasa Rao said.
Efforts are on to expedite execution of works on strengthening of the pipeline network, he said, adding that the Mission Bhagiratha project envisages provision of 11.32 MLD to fully cater to the water needs of denizens of Yellandu over the next few decades.

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