Water service for Asbury residents to be restored Tuesday

Officials in Asbury say water service should be restored by Tuesday after a municipal pump broke down early Sunday morning.
"From what I’m hearing it will be tomorrow (Tuesday)," said Ruth Wilson, city clerk.
The cause of the breakdown is so far undetermined, but Wilson suspects that a power surge knocked the pump offline.
The city has provided bottled water to some of the town’s roughly 200 residents.
Wilson said many already had bottles on hand because power outages are a regular issue.
City officials learned of the breakdown after midnight Saturday and began working on the problem at 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Wilson said.
Businesses have closed and some residents have left town as a result of the water outage.
"I’ve talked to everybody in town, and everybody has made arrangements," Wilson said.
A boil advisory will be issued when water service is returned, Wilson said.

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