Water service restored at Pineview Estates

The Miami Twp. mobile home park remains on a boil advisory.

by Nick Blizzard, originally posted on October 27, 2016


Water service has been restored to a Miami Twp. mobile home park where the system broke down Monday night.

Pineview Estates on Farmersville-West Carrollton Road is now under a boil advisory until further notice, according to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Repairs were made to a backup well Wednesday night at Pineview, where for more than a year water system problems have led to OEPA orders, state lawsuits and court-ordered action to repair the utility.

“We are hopeful this will provide reliable water service until more permanent repairs can be made to the main well and overall system,” according to Ohio EPA Spokeswoman Dina Pierce.

Residents said this was the first water system breakdown since Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Mary Wiseman in June appointed a receiver to oversee day-to-day operations. The move stripped Pineview owner Timothy Dearwester of those responsibilities after he failed to comply with court orders to meet OEPA guidelines to institute long-term repairs to the water system.

Wiseman’s action followed a January lawsuit against Pineview and Dearwester. That action came at the urging of the Ohio EPA, which said the owner failed for nearly a year to comply with agency orders – or pay any fines levied against it – regarding water system repairs.

Pineview has a history of OEPA violations dating back to 2009, with multiple citations since December of 2014, records show.

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