Water shortage affects Kishtwar, people suffer

The situation has worsened as the PHE Department has not been able to supply water in some areas for the last few days.
Though the PHE authorities had claimed that there are sufficient tube-wells to meet the water shortage in the areas, people are displeased with the scarcity of water.
“For the last 10-15 days, we have been waiting for resumption of water supply, which had suddenly stopped.
We asked the employees of PHE Department, which supplies water to the area, about the issue, but they could not resolve our problem,” said a resident of Dool.
The ground water level has decreased to a great extent as a majority of the households have dug bore-wells.” Similar situation is being witnessed in Sanghrambhata, Kuleed, Nagsini, Cherhar, Matta, Lanyal, Hatta, Hullar, Lachkhanaza and Pochhal.
“Even the scheduled one-hour water supply is erratic.
The people have lamented that Kishtwar has an enormous potential for drinking water, which can fulfill the requirements of the entire Chenab Valley, but the PHE authorities, including PHE ministers and local legislators, have not taken the matter seriously.
“Better utilisation of schemes is needed,” they said.
The local unit of Class Fourth Employees Union (CFEU) of Education Department raised objections against the committee which was constituted to conduct tests for eligible candidates for next departmental promotion.

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