Water Shortage Emergency, Boil Water Advisory In Fayettville

Originally posted on October 9, 2016


FAYETTVILLE, NC – As some people in Fayettville are still struggling to get water, PWC has  declared a water shortage emergency.

There is also a precautionary boil water advisory in Sanford, Robeson, Duplin, as well as Fayettville.

A total of 572 people were rescued Saturday during 227 water rescue calls according to City Officials. Four people are still missing as of Sunday morning.

PWC asks that anyone in Fayettville to limit their water use to only essential use, this does not include Spring Lake or Fort Bragg. When water does come back on in Fayettville, make sure you boil your water for 48 to 72 hours.

Here is what PWC is defining as essential uses of water.

  • Use of water to sustain normal life and the lives of domestic pets
  • Maintain minimum standards of hygiene and sanitation
  • Use of water for patient care and rehabilitation
  • Firefighting, including certain testing and drills by the fire department if conducted in the interest of public safety and if approved by PWC Health and public protection purposes,


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