Water shortage hits 20 Shan villages

Water shortage hits 20 Shan villages.
In some villages in Shan State water scarcity is forcing villagers and animals to travel for miles in search of drinking water.
SOME 20 villages in Shan State’s Pindaya and Kalaw townships are facing water shortages after wells and reservoirs dried out, locals and the Taung Yoe Youth Network said.
The network’s leader Ko Aung San said the locals have been facing water shortage troubles since mid last month.
When summer comes, the water starts to dry up and the people have no water,” he told The Myanmar Times.
The rain had given the villages enough water for a week, he said.
U Nyi Nyi, Shan State MP for Pindaya township, told The Myanmar Times that those locations were “not the worst” as the people had enough water from donors.
“There was some rain, so the donations have stopped.
He also said the state government was installing water supply systems at the wards in Pindaya and some villages in the township.
‘’I found some villages having a lot of trouble with the water shortage because their rain reservoirs and well have dried up.

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