Water shortage in Pakistan

Water shortage in Pakistan.
According to the World Resources Institute, Pakistan is among the five leading countries that face extremely high water stress and low access to safe drinking water and sanitation.
Similarly, the United Nations categorizes Pakistan amongst those few (unfortunate) countries where water shortage could destabilise and jeopardize its existence in next 10 years.
The flood water ravages everything that comes in its way and goes straight into the river unutilized.
There needs to be a two-pronged approach addressing supply side as well as demand side issues.
Over 95pc of Pakistan’s water is used for agriculture.
Due to poor farming practices and almost free availability, most of the water is wasted.
The Governments’ policy of subsidizing water-intensive crops is another major factor, exacerbating the situation.
Of all the challenges Pakistan is facing, water is the most critical, it should be realized by the government.
It is high time that the government focuses on construction of other major dams.

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