Water supply woes in Bhubaneswar

Water supply woes in Bhubaneswar.
Bhubaneswar: Many areas in the capital city are yet to get pipelines, specially in slums.
As per Public Health Department, the city needs around 70 million litres per day which is fulfilled with water from Mahanadi, Kuakhai, Daya rivers and borewells.
But at least 90 million litres of water is wasted every day which has created imbalance in water supply.
The water treatment plant at Palasuni that treats Kuakhai river provides 108 million litres water despite its capacity of 90 million litres.
But Daya and Kuakhai are drying in summer and more so because of the daily water supply to Bhubaneswar.
Now, the city depends on Puri canal for water supply.
To avoid water woes, there is a planning to built a checkdam in Kuakhai which is not going ahead because of financial constraints as well as lack of co-ordination between various departments.
At present, a sand bag embankment has been made to collect water.
But this cannot be a long term solution.

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