Water Tank Collapse Causes Water Boil Advisory

originally posted on June 21, 2016


LA GRULLA — Officials in La Grulla expect a water boil notice to be over soon.

A water storage tank collapsed and fell on valves. That caused water service to be affected for the city’s residents.

Some La Grulla residents told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they knew it was only a matter of time before the tank would give out.

Crews are now cleaning up the storage tank debris. Water plant supervisor Thor Rivera said, “We had been plugging the holes on the side, and we had been doing some patchwork on it already.”

The city was aware of how rusty the tank was getting. Plant officials were hoping to raise enough money for repairs before the tank collapsed.

“We were putting in the paperwork so we could get a new plant for us,” Rivera said.  The city of La Grulla was told by state officials that they needed a bigger plant.

Crews had to plug the tank up and remove all debris before they could reconnect it to a big tower and resume normal service to La Grulla.

Rivera said he hopes to end the water boil notice soon. He said the water has to be tested before that can happen.

The city is sampling the water to make sure it has no bacteria. They said they should have results within 24 hours from Monday afternoon.

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