Water woes swell as summer starts

Islamabad – Complaints pertaining to water shortage in the capital city have started rising with each passing day with the onset of summer season, suggests the data of Water Distribution Division of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).
It said that the directorate took care of 12305 complaints during the month of March, 2017 only through its water tanker service with Sector I-10 remained the worst hit of what can be termed as authority’s incompetence.
Hardly a sector of the city is being provided sufficient water through pipelines; reveals the figures which were shared in a meeting held at CDA Headquarters to review performance of Water Distribution Division.
According to CDA, the water tanker service addressed 10 complaints in Sector G-5, 376 in Sector G-6, 129 in Sector G-7, 104 in Sector G-8, 142 in Sector F-6, 139 in Sector E-7, 267 in Sector F-8, 776 in Sector G-9, 1242 in Sector G-10, 276 in Sector G-11, 161 in Sector F-10, 514 in Sector F-11, 514 in Sector I-8, 214 in Sector I-9, 2937 in Sector I-10, 1406 in Sector I-11, and 138 in Sector D-12 during the month of March, 2017.
Mayor Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz observed that there is enough room for improvement in water supply to the residents.
During the peak summer season, water tanker service even cannot cater to the needs of the residents.
The grade-19 officers from various departments of federal government visited CDA headquarters as part of their ongoing MCMC.
The course was aimed at capacity building of participants to improve public service delivery.
tahir niaz This news was published in The Nation newspaper.
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