#WaterCrisis: Comment period for Water Amendment by-law closes

The amended City of Cape Town Water By-law went for a first public comment period in 2016.
The City thanked those members of the public who have familiarized themselves with the proposed amendments and engaged constructively with the content from an informed position.
These changes have not been proposed as a means to control or restrict what residents are doing to save water, but rather to put measures in place that support these interventions in a manner that protects public health, ensuring we are a more water efficient society going forward and that our built environment supports our broader efforts to live more sustainably.
The points below provide clarity on some of the popular misinterpretations of the content of the Water By-law: ‘The By-law will force you to have plans for your Jojo tanks’ Where households have Jojo or any other kind of rainwater tank installed and are only using it for irrigation or outdoor use, then no approval or notification is necessary.
If rainwater, or any other form of alternative water is being plumbed into the building and there is a chance of it connecting with the municipal drinking water supply, then this needs to be approved by the City.
Plans for alternative water systems should be submitted to the City as part of the building plans, as per the normal process.
The existing Water By-law has always required notification for retrofits of geysers and associated protective devices.
‘I will be forced to use a plumber registered with the City of Cape Town’ Residents are not forced to use a plumber who is registered with the City for general plumbing.
Replacement of existing meters forms part of the City’s meter replacement programme and is paid for by the City.
Only in cases where a WMD is installed in an effort to restrict excessive water use to non-indigent customers, or when one has been specifically requested by a resident whose existing meter is in good working order, will the property owner be required to cover the cost of the meter and its installation.

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