Watson Lakers still boiling their wate

originally posted on August 18, 2016


There’s still a boil-water advisory in effect in Watson Lake, but the chlorine levels are dropping, according to Mayor Justin Brown.

Brown said Wednesday Public Works staff are still looking at the issue and trying to figure out where the problem originated.

Pat Living is the director of social marketing and communications with the Department of Health and Social Services.

From an environmental health perspective, she said today, the department supports the continuation of the boil-water advisory until bacteriological testing can confirm the water quality has not been impacted.

“The chlorine levels are not high enough to cause any health concerns,” said Living. “The town continues to work to determine what the problem is and a possible solution.”

Brown expects the advisory will be lifted in the next couple of days.

Until then, residents are advised to boil water for 20 minutes to avoid a “funky” taste.

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