Waynesboro under Water Boil Advisory

originally posted on June 8, 2016


The entire city of Waynesboro is under a Boil Water Advisory after a construction crew hit a water main late this afternoon (Wednesday).

Waynesboro City Manager Jerry Colson said that a the contractor with a communications company was directionally boring some fiber optic lines and actually bored into the side of a 16 inch water line with about an inch to two sized hole.

“This is a 16 inch line and its fed off of all the water tanks, so it had a lot of pressure. It just about drained the city; it didn’t drain the tanks but we still maintained a small amount of pressure Luckily they were able to get it repaired pretty quickly and now we have both wells running and we should have full water pressure within the next two hours.”

Colson said that they were able to get it repaired before we actually ran out of water and we didn’t experience a complete pressure loss so it didn’t hamper their ability to fight fires.

The ban will remain in effect through at least Friday.

The City has also issued an outdoor watering ban until the repairs are completed and the water level is restored.

Further notice on boil advisory will be issued after lab results are released on Friday.

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