White Plains boil advisory lifted Monday morning

WESTERN KENTUCKY — Kentucky State Police Post 2 Captain Brent White released the agency’s preliminary activity report for the month of March.
Although the water in the area is pretty clear, Nicholson explained officials are not sure what type of shark attacked the teen but that she was in the company of family and friends at the time of the incident.
"Metz Here" was the longest-running show in Louisville and one of the longest-running in the country.
For many years, he also hosted a morning show called "Omelette."
The Dearborn, Mich.-based company said that it sold 81,330 F-Series trucks in March, up 10.1 percent from March 2016 — though sales overall fell by 7.2 percent, primarily because of lower fleet sales.
"Our high-series Super Duty trucks and all-new F-150 Raptor drove double-digit F-Series sales gains in March, along with the strongest year-over-year increase in transaction prices of any truck manufacturer in the industry," said Mark LaNeve, vice president for U.S. marketing, sales and service.
Truck sales improved 2.5 percent, to nearly 227,000 units — though demand for four of five truck models fell by more than 10 percent.
The new law will allow Kentuckians to receive an optional voluntary travel identification operator’s license good for eight years for $48 or get the standard operator’s license for $43, also good for eight years.
"Kentucky is the only state in the country where you obtain your driver’s license through the court clerk," Duvall said.
WKCTC is planning its Night at Noon eclipse party on the big day.

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