Work to restore water system continues as businesses reopen

As the boil advisory for Owensboro and surrounding areas continues, officials with Owensboro Municipal Utilities say it could be lifted this weekend.
OMU estimates the advisory may be lifted Sunday morning after system flushing and testing are done.
He, and many others, are adapting, buying bottled water where available — "I did stop this morning and get a couple of cases of water,” he says, he also ate at Bee-Bop’s, one of several Owensboro restaurants to reopen after closing yesterday.
"Gave them a note on Facebook to see if they were open, they said they were, so we decided to come on down,” he recalled.
Green River District Health Department workers checked restaurants before they opened.
Skiadas also helps run Lure at the Hampton Inn on the Owensboro riverfront.
Grocery stores like Hometown IGA stocked up on extra pallets of bottled water, to meet demand some managers say could be bigger than yesterday’s rush.
"Everybody come rushing in for the water, and as soon as we saw how bad it was, i started calling all of my suppliers and they started working with me quickly, and we got trucks coming in,” says store manager Rodney Johnson Sonya Dixon of OMU says two things that helped control the effects of the leak were the second water treatment plant just east of here and a valve system, which helped re-direct water from one plant to another.
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(This story was originally published December 1, 2017)

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