World Environment Day 2017: WED Theme and Slogans

World Environment Day 2017: WED Theme and Slogans.
Every human being living on the Earth has the responsibility to protect the “Environment.” Our earth is the place of jewels and minerals, and we can’t describe the beauty of our nature.
World Environment Day observes on June 5th Every year.
World Environment Day 2017 Theme is “Connecting People to Nature– in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator”.
The host nation is Canada.
Slap those actions which lead to damaging the environment.
Even government is giving license to those companies illegally.
Some vehicles release air pollution in an environment which leads to global warming.
Need for Global Partnership -1991 Only One Earth, Care and Share -1992 Connect with the World Wide Web of Life -2001 Water – Two Billion People are Dying for It!
-2008 Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change -2009 Many Species.

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