11 cities to face the problem of shortage of water, Bengaluru on the list

It also faces the problem of water pollution.
The city faced a similar drinking water shortage problem back in 2015.
Being a city of a country which is home to almost 20% of the world’s population, the city had around 140 cubic meters of fresh water for it’s more than 20 million population.
One of the major problems they faced was that of pollution.
Studies showed that almost 40% of the surface water in Beijing was so polluted that it could not be used for agriculture or industrial use.
Russia has almost 1/4th of the world’s fresh water reserves but is facing water crisis due to the industrial waste causing water pollution.
Since Moscow is 70% dependent on surface water, this is causing major problems in the city.
So, that rainwater is to be collected so as to use in the near future if a long spell of dry month happens.
London has a average rainfall of about 600mm, which means that the city gets almost 80% of its water supply from rivers.
Reports from Greater London Authority show that the city would face supply problems by 2025 and would face sever water crisis by 2040.

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