Turning a fresh water supply problem into a business: Lessons from two entrepreneurs in Kenya

The early challenges of not having fresh drinking water in their homes in Kenya gave way to an idea that would lead Yvonne Nkatha, Wangui Kagera and their three business partners to set up Gambino Bottling, a water processing business.
“Back in the day there was limited access to bottled drinking water.
Most people used to boil water for drinking.
They started learning about water purification and in 2008 the business was born.
We started small but over the years we have been growing,” Nkatha says.
We used to buy the bottles, then go back to our small factory, fill them, go look for clients and deliver,” Nkatha says proudly.
The company started producing smaller 500ml bottles.
At the moment, the still hope that the government would offer better options for businesses run by young people.
“Business people should take more time to read,” Kagera says.
She explains that there was little information from institutions on how to set up a business, let alone a water-bottling business.

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