This government school teacher in Koravi invested money from his pocket to provide electricity and water to his students

We track the journey of Mohan Kumar, a teacher who brought electricity and water to the Government Higher Primary School in Koravi and paid for it out of his own pocket Rashmi Patil Edex Live
His several initiatives like setting up a computer lab, making sure there is a steady supply of electricity and water, planting saplings and building huts in the school ensured that it looks no less than a private school.
Before working in Koravi, Mohan used to work in a government higher primary school in Periyapatna, near Mysuru district.
All for education: Mohan spent over Rs 17,000 to install the electric poles and procure other equipment for the school Mohan’s first initiative was to get computers to the higher primary school by pooling in funds from MNCs.
While the primary school was inside the village, the higher primary school was on the outskirts.
The primary school had all facilities including water and electricity which the higher primary school lacked.
When I approached the Karnataka Electricity Board for the provision of electricity, they said that they have to install eight electric poles to provide power to the school which is in the outskirts.
I had to write several letters to various government offices to get their approval for digging a borewell near the school.
Apart from this, the primary school was shifted to the same building as the higher primary school.
Mohan says, "The primary school was in a very old building inside the village premises.

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